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Hello! I am an actress / novelist from Greece and I have created an international campaign, "Awareness the Project", in an attempt to raise awareness about issues that concern all of us . It would mean a lot to me if you could check my profile and leave some feedback! All my love to you! ❤🌍❤

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I bet you $307,916,867,948,964,102,173,917 you didn’t read that number, you skipped over it, you didn’t even realize i put a letter in it. No i didn’t, but you checked. I just want a like on my rooster😍

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Hi I’m from Sudan, Khartoum. Sudan experiences a complete power outage almost every day/week/month. Officials at the ministry of electricity and water never give an explanation for the blackout, the president Omar al -bashir is behind this, it’s affecting the way Sudanese people live and very dangerous as even electricity in hospitals often go out this has been the cause of death of many innocent Sudanese people. Please sign this petition to make a change. http://chng.it/VVrq7fmR

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I miss you ☹️ can you post more pics?