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Good day. My name is Ira. I live in Israel. Excuse me for my arrogance, but I appeal to you for help. I came to Israel from Ukraine, married a citizen of the country and we invested a lot to prove our love for each other. But Unfortunately, the bureaucracy did not bypass us and we hired a lawyer to help bring my daughter and me to the country, also paid for Michelle’s second childbirth and ordered me to do a DNA test and all the time my husband works hard at the factory, I teach a little Hebrew and I work as a housekeeper grandmothers. I ask you for financial assistance, we pay all the time for any medical check and for the extension of citizenship. I and my children are still checking for Israel for another 4 years. A lot of money and hard moral. As a result, my husband had to take a loan so that we could pay large amounts to a lawyer, pay for childbirth and everything checks. 27004033 please, help us with our problem.

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Hi were you shooting in Orillia Ontario yesterday.

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