@secundachris Instagram Profile 2 hours ago

I’m walking by faith right now... what a beautiful place! If you ever thought about adding sculptures to you ranch please check out my husbands work at bill_secunda_studios he creates beautiful life size animal sculptures made from steel and/or carpentry nails. Sorry to try and sell but this idea would not leave my heart.

@glitzylady1 Instagram Profile 19 hours ago

Just all kinds of perfectly pastoral ❤️

@jennyk1977 Instagram Profile 20 May, 2019

Lovely farm keep up the great work xxxxx

@luiscarranzaflores Instagram Profile 16 May, 2019

Looks like the first jurassic park movie escene, when alan and company see the dinosaurs.

@caldwellwolves Instagram Profile 14 May, 2019

Would you be interested in flying in some WWII aircraft https://www.condorsquadron.org/

@shanrax0912 Instagram Profile 14 May, 2019

Dr Phil sent Star Lord to the Ranch because he disrupted the plan of taking the gauntlet from Thanos in Infinity War

@jess_panza Instagram Profile 13 May, 2019

Wish i was there standing right next to you❤️