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    5 May, 2019
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@dannierocher Instagram Profile 2 minutes ago

It’s a beautiful poem and he should be proud. 🌈

@beatriceluise Instagram Profile 5 hours ago

Don’t know why you guys hate him all? Because he posted a poem about love and giving each other space ? Is this so terrible for u guys or what? Pls let me understand what the problem is? Why in ur eyes is he not a Muslim anymore ? Because he posted a poem about love ? Is this so tragic in the Islam ? Pls help me understand guys...

@bvenowang Instagram Profile 7 hours ago

What the hell do people who hate this have in mind, who inform, stop following and ask Zayn to become a Muslim... They are disgusting, they cannot accept the tastes of others and that is worthy of disgust, guys, sorry, they are pathetic.

@sulemanking86 Instagram Profile 20 hours ago

Zaynnnnnnnn ...? Ur not real zayn 😭😭 please remember allah zayn oh my God my tears falling out allahu akbar

@joe_diky Instagram Profile 22 hours ago

Zayn is a muslim, like dj snake also a muslim,but they are muslim liberal,not like us

@rc_foodelish Instagram Profile 12 November, 2019

It was a beautiful poem 🍃 until i found the prophet word 🚫

@daniyal428 Instagram Profile 12 November, 2019

He is not a Muslim hate u Zayn 😠😠😠

@esha_006 Instagram Profile 12 November, 2019

Wow this is beautiful 💫

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