@dawnboswellburke Instagram Profile 14 minutes ago

White girl has Tears In Her Eyes watching this. When the black community is healed, we are all healed. Praise God for homecoming.

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Hey Beyoncé,
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@pernillaprison Instagram Profile 19 May, 2019

Thank you for an amazing show!! When will you come to Sweden? 🤗🤗

@jaddemarie Instagram Profile 19 May, 2019

Like who wouldn’t like queen bee she repping her own Houston Texas baby where I live and ya know , she just amazing like truly amazing !! She is beautiful has a beautiful voice and she so beautiful anyway have a bless day guys .

@jaddemarie Instagram Profile 19 May, 2019

What I like about her is how determine she is I mean she doing it out here but she work hella hard and other people get tummy tuck stuff removed while she work back hard for her beautiful body that she has and trust me she will always have a beautiful body i just look up to her she didn’t get no work done to be her again so she can get on that stage as carrying two babies on her own the truth is she did that!! ❤️