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Chris Pratt engaged to his new girlfriend who is younger than him,and this causes age threaten to his ex-wife! Blake Jenner @blakedaflake I am very afraid that you will have future new girlfriend younger than you and not of the same age as your ex-wife Melissa like Chris Pratt and will cause age threaten to your ex-wife Melissa! Chris Pratt is like your ex-wife anyway!

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There has been now rumours that because of Diddy's wild past in his life FBI and Ciara is now blackmailing to Diddy to join in to American army forces to serve rest of life in difficult war area and because Khaled hear these news, is probably part of scientology religion and Tom Cruise rest of life 🎬📷

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Don’t tell me you came to arizona

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You should try Algarve golf in Portugal. The clubs are all near the sea with amazing views. Just look online and you'll see. ;)