@snla10 Instagram Profile 20 March, 2019

I hope you always okay and success 🌸

@anxa.8 Instagram Profile 20 March, 2019


@sassybutterknife Instagram Profile 22 March, 2019

Did anyone else noticed that bar at around 0:40 was the same as in the Life Of The Party lyric video?

@mariajerii Instagram Profile 23 March, 2019

@peanut_pin Omg Girl i never saw that u send me this. I knowww the efforts he’s put on the tour cannot wait!!! 😍❤️

@ferristin01 Instagram Profile 16 hours ago

wish you can be my big brother, and this video can be in a movie tho, tbh actually ❣️

@mullingkayla Instagram Profile 11 hours ago

You did Life of the Party 🎉 and when your sweet fans sounded amazing! Then you hit the high note towards the end and holy crap, you killed it!

@carmendicha Instagram Profile 4 hours ago

Porque no tenemos tiempo para arrepentirnos,
así que nena, la vida de la fiesta.