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    9 November, 2019
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@madbegie Instagram Profile 10 minutes ago

❤️❤️🔥🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥 DA QUEEN

@madbegie Instagram Profile 10 minutes ago


@mouha_2 Instagram Profile 17 minutes ago

Happy birthday Queen❤️

@alex.scarborough Instagram Profile 30 minutes ago

Nicki what happened to you’re 2018 bam performance on YouTube it’s gonneee 😭😭😭

@badbwalkthru Instagram Profile 37 minutes ago

hope u on the diet before u drop the lead single!

@chi_ukah Instagram Profile 45 minutes ago

Where have you been mami😩😍❤️❤️

@beware_of_biitch Instagram Profile 52 minutes ago

I'm still.beimg bullied by the whole.entire bx and landlord who.threatened my mom to lock me.up with lady in monteferi will.figjt for my justice and rifts and jaoph I will get evidence somehow to lock him up I am sick of them.they won't give me my job

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