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    8 August, 2019
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@grechkin923 Instagram Profile 2 minutes ago

Help me fulfill my dream. I want to go to Indonesia with my family. Not enough money. My paypal account kortnev2016@mail.ru if everyone will send at least$ 1 I will be closer to the dream. All thanks🙌🙌🙌🙌

@4uncho Instagram Profile 21 minutes ago

People really think you can sing ?

@lisettey_mahogany Instagram Profile 30 minutes ago

I don’t listen to a lot of her music but I swear she is a queen in how she carries herself she’s literally so real even embarrassing her pregnancy and letting it be known she’s human she can gain wait and she can lose it with surgeries (there’s nothing wrong with getting work done. I want to) but it’s nice to see the biggest artist is still relatable in that way ♥️♥️

@endlesslove92 Instagram Profile 1 hour ago

Follow the FB group Minority Mothers Coming Together. Support a good cause. Link in bio!!

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